Temporary car insurance could save your wealth!

John Carter has always been a pretty generous chap, so when his friend Phil asked if he could borrow his car for a few days whilst he was away on holiday, John had no hesitation in agreeing. After all, he had no Phil for around 10 years and knew that he could trust him with with it. So, he handed the keys to Phil, went off to the airport and flew to Majorca for a well earned two-week rest.

John was in high spirits when he arrived back home, but it did not last for long! Phil was waiting to meet him with a hangdog expression on his face, and he gave him the glad tidings that his car was in the police pound, and that there was a fair chance that he would be prosecuted in the near future for allowing a vehicle to be used on the roads without insurance!

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So how has this come to pass? John knew that Phil owned his own car, which was in the garage at the moment awaiting parts for some major engine repairs, so they naturally assumed that he had insurance, and that the insurance covered any vehicle that did not belong to Phil. Unfortunately, his confidence was misplaced; Phil's insurance policy covered him for his own vehicle only!

Fortunately, during the time that Phil was driving John's car he did not have an accident (he had been pulled up in a routine check) so there was no huge bill for car repairs and, possibly, injuries to other people to pay for, but there was a bill for £150 to get the car out of the pound. Phil had been unable to do this because the police required to see a proper form of insurance certificate for the vehicle before they would release it, and of course he didn't have one; John had to dig through his files, Phil drove him to the pound and handed over £150, and John was able to get his car back. They're now remained an appointment at the magistrates court……

John attended court, and was convicted of allowing a vehicle to be used on the public highway whilst there was no insurance in force. He pleaded guilty, since his solicitor advised him that he simply did not have a defence; it was up to him to ensure that the car had been covered by insurance, and he did not do this. However, the magistrate accepted his plea that he genuinely believed that the car was covered; he was still fined £200 but did not receive any penalty points on his licence.

All John had to do before he handed over the keys to Phil, was to logon to a temporary car insurance website, arrange an insurance policy for Phil to cover the two weeks that he would be away, and none of this would have happened. It would only have cost him a few pounds, and he could have insured the vehicle fully comprehensively so that even if there had been an accident his car could've been repaired at little cost to themselves.

All in all, they both got away very lightly, and they are both now very well aware of the benefits of temporary car insurance!